Staying flexible at all times: MCH Group introduces FlexWork.

The past months have shown that there are indeed alternatives to the customary 8-to-5 working day under the strict gaze of one’s supervisor. The MCH Group has recognised this too and has recently taken the first steps toward granting its employees greater flexibility in their day-to-day professional lives.

Messe Basel Flexwork

Since autumn 2021, the shared-desk principle has been employed in the Messeturm in Basel. This means that employees no longer have fixed desks. Instead, they select a desk each time they come to work – depending on whether they need to concentrate or whether their work for the day in question will involve a large number of phone calls or meetings. Differently configured options are available for these different requirements – including standard desks for an eight-hour day, desks for part-time working, meeting and focus rooms, and breakout zones. The existing rigid room structures have been done away with in favour of an inspiring working atmosphere and the latest equipment. By the end of February 2022, all the Basel teams, including those previously located in Isteinerstrasse, will be accommodated in correspondingly equipped offices in the iconic tower building.

With this project, the MCH Group is setting out to promote interdisciplinary cooperation, improve internal communication and boost creativity and productivity. It also wishes to strengthen its status as an attractive employer. Being able to decide where to work on which tasks has been shown to increase employee satisfaction and ensure a favourable work-life balance.