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Event Hall

With the covered public area outside it – the City Lounge – this hall makes an excellent impression before you even set foot in it. And once you have made your way into the hall, designed by star architects Herzog & de Meuron, it exudes a modern, almost urban look. With its multifunctional facilities, it can accommodate all kinds of events and is especially suited to plenary sessions, concerts, banquets, exhibitions and sports events.

Foyer: 1’000 m²
Hall: 3’300 m²
Gallery: 906 m²
Floor plan
Floor plan
Foyer: –
Hall: 65 x 50 m
Gallery: –
Foyer: –
Hall: 9.5 m
Gallery: –
Floor load
Floor load
Foyer: 1’400 kg/m²
Hall: 1’400 kg/m²
Gallery: 500 kg/m²
Pillar grid
Pillar grid
Foyer: Pilar-free
Hall: Pilar-free
Gallery: Pilar-free
Load capacity suspension points
Load capacity suspension points
Foyer: 500 kg
Hall: 500 kg
Gallery: –
  • multifunctional, pillar-free hall on the ground floor of the Herzog & de Meuron hall complex
  • accessible from the South Foyer or via a raised walkway from the Congress Center Basel
  • direct access to the South Gallery and MCH Lounge
  • partition walls reduce the hall size from 3,300 m² to 2,600 m², improving the acoustics still further
  • daylight possible through the glazed rear wall
  • Fully air-conditioned
  • flexibly installable stage
  • basic AV systems that can be extended in increments
  • pre-rig designed especially for the hall, also suitable for elaborate event installations
  • unique inscription system with a 112 m-long LED light band in the foyer
  • Minergie Standard Label BS-054  
Messe Basel Event Hall

Foyers and galleries

  • South Foyer | Gallery: 1’100 m² | 900 m²
  • North Foyer | Gallery: 1’100 m² | 900 m²
Messe Basel Galerie Süd

MCH Lounge

  • 170 m²
Messe Basel MCH Lounge

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The Messe and Congress Center Basel are fully accessible. WOK:GO supports Switzerland’s tourism industry in addressing the travel requirements of people with disabilities, senior citizens and families with small children in an appropriate and targeted manner. You will find the information here:

Messe Basel Halle 1

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