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Event Hall

With the covered public area outside it – the City Lounge – this hall makes an excellent impression before you even set foot in it. And once you have made your way into the hall, designed by star architects Herzog & de Meuron, it exudes a modern, almost urban look. With its multifunctional facilities, it can accommodate all kinds of events and is especially suited to plenary sessions, concerts, banquets, exhibitions and sports events.

Foyer: 1’000 m²
Hall: 3’300 m²
Gallery: 906 m²
Floor plan
Floor plan
Foyer: –
Hall: 65 x 50 m
Gallery: –
Foyer: –
Hall: 9.5 m
Gallery: –
Floor load
Floor load
Foyer: 1’400 kg/m²
Hall: 1’400 kg/m²
Gallery: 500 kg/m²
Pillar grid
Pillar grid
Foyer: Pilar-free
Hall: Pilar-free
Gallery: Pilar-free
Load capacity suspension points
Load capacity suspension points
Foyer: 500 kg
Hall: 500 kg
Gallery: –
  • multifunctional, pillar-free hall on the ground floor of the Herzog & de Meuron hall complex
  • accessible from the South Foyer or via a raised walkway from the Congress Center Basel
  • direct access to the South Gallery and MCH Lounge
  • partition walls reduce the hall size from 3,300 m² to 2,600 m², improving the acoustics still further
  • daylight possible through the glazed rear wall
  • Fully air-conditioned
  • flexibly installable stage
  • basic AV systems that can be extended in increments
  • pre-rig designed especially for the hall, also suitable for elaborate event installations
  • unique inscription system with a 112 m-long LED light band in the foyer
  • Minergie Standard Label BS-054  
Messe Basel Event Hall

Foyers and galleries

  • South Foyer | Gallery: 1’100 m² | 900 m²
  • North Foyer | Gallery: 1’100 m² | 900 m²
Messe Basel Galerie Süd

MCH Lounge

  • 170 m²
Messe Basel MCH Lounge

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Messe Basel Halle 1

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