We know that an event can be much more than just a gathering of a number of people. If the organisation, the location and the accompanying programme are all a harmonious fit, every event has the potential to make a lasting impression on your guests. From consultancy and planning through to implementation – our team will do their utmost to ensure that you attain this goal.


Messe Basel | Scharf Jonas

Jonas Scharf

Managing Director Venues MCH Group

Corporate Business Development & Innovation

Messe Basel | Christian Ortlepp

Christian Ortlepp

Head of Business Development & Innovation Venues

Business Development & Marketing

Messe Basel | Silvia Decker

Silvia Decker

Director Business Development & Marketing
Messe Basel | Nicolas Pittet

Nicolas Pittet

Manager Business Development
Messe Basel | Lea Lang

Lea Lang

Manager Business Development
Messe Basel | Camilla Buehler

Camilla Bühler

Manager Business Development
Messe Basel | Corinne Jermann

Corinne Jermann

Manager Marketing & Communication


Messe Basel | Flavia Näf

Flavia Naef

Manager Incoming Services

Project Management & Coordination

Messe Basel | Peter Joerg

Peter Jörg

Director Guest Events & Conventions
Messe Basel | Christine Stauffer

Christine Stauffer

Head of Guest Events & Conventions
Messe Basel | Susanne Pfefferle

Susanne Pfefferle

Project Manager
Messe Basel | Sarah Scoob

Sarah Scoob

Project Manager
Messe Basel | Samuel Riggenbach

Samuel Riggenbach

Project Manager
Messe Basel | Vicky Grueninger

Victoria Grüninger

Project Manager
Messe Basel | Simone Weiss

Simone Weiss

Project Manager
Messe Basel | Sabine Haymoz

Sabine Haymoz

Project Manager

Exhibition & Visitor Services

Messe Basel | Jasna Niederberger

Jasna Niederberger

Project Manager
Messe Basel | Petra Auer

Petra Auer

Coordinator Visitor Services
Messe Basel | Dominik Schwarz

Dominik Schwarz

Project Coordinator

Setup & Room Facilities

Messe Basel | Bruno Stähli

Bruno Stähli

Head of Setup & Room Facilities
Messe Basel | Rebecca Strebel

Rebecca Strebel

Messe Basel | Ali Bulut

Ali Bulut

Setup & Room Facilities

Event technicians

Messe Basel | Reinhard Höhn

Reinhard Höhn

Technical Project Manager
Messe Basel | Christoph Zimmermann

Christoph Zimmermann

Event Technician
Messe Basel | Flavio Manzoni

Flavio Manzoni

Event Technician
Messe Basel | Frosina Gashi

Frosina Gashi

Event Technician


Messe Basel | Leo Felder

Leo Felder

Apprentice Event Specialist (EFZ)
Messe Basel | Jobs

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