Shanghai Exchange

The Congress Center Basel is in regular active contact with Basel’s twin city of Shanghai – particularly as far as the life sciences are concerned. One aspect of this cooperation is the Young Manager Programme.

Non-identical twins

Lijun Du of the Shanghai Huayi Group is not only a long way from home but also experiencing one of the most exciting phases of her life. As part of the Shanghai Young Manager Programme, she is completing a 6-week period of practical training at the Congress Center Basel (CCB) and gaining impressions of innovation and marketing in the congress business.

Basel’s partnership with the Chinese metropolis of Shanghai has given rise to cooperation in various different fields and the Young Manger Programme is one of these. A total of six young managers from Shanghai are taking part in the 2019 programme. Lectures at the FHNW University of Applied Sciences and practical training periods in different companies are providing them with valuable insight into the Swiss economy and Swiss culture.

Congress Center Basel Lijun Du
Lijun Du from the Shanghai Huayi Group at the Congress Center Basel

All-important communication

At the industry events Bio2business, ISPP and SGAIM, Lijun Du was able to see how events are organised and accompanied by the CCB. “I’m amazed at how many international congresses are staged here in Basel. And they’re frequently accompanied by exhibitions. Great importance is attached to communication and its contents here”, she says in summing up her observations. She is impressed by the efficiency, the professional service and the team play at the CCB.

During her stay in Switzerland, she has been able to make out a number of differences in both business and day-to-day life compared with her home country. Hierarchies in China are steeper and more pronounced than in Switzerland, and the fostering of contacts is less structured. While Chinese people tend to have difficulty in forming opinions, the Swiss frequently express a clear view on matters. “The Chinese are also less demanding when it comes to punctuality, and people’s moods are dictated by the weather to a lesser extent than here in Switzerland”, she adds by way of further observations.