Circular courtyard

Inside Hall 2 the architecturally unique circular courtyard is located, which is accessible via the main entrance to Hall 2. With its two all-round galleries, it forms the perfect setting for any kind of event. The roof, which is stretched at a lofty height (polyurethane), provides weather protection, although the open-air feeling does not have to be foregone. Thanks to the directly adjacent exhibition halls on all three floors, the outdoor area and halls can be ideally combined for trade fairs and events.

GF: 2’400 m2
Gallery 1.0: 760 m2
Gallery 2.0: 740 m2
Floor plan
Floor plan
GF: 53.6
Gallery 1.0: 53.6 m
Gallery 2.0: 53.6 m
GF: Roofing March – Nov.
Gallery 1.0: 4 m
Gallery 2.0: 4 m
Floor load
Floor load
GF: 1’400 kg/m2
Gallery 1.0: 500 kg/m2
Gallery 2.0: 500 kg/m2
Messe Basel Hall 2
Messe Basel Halle 1

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