New, state-of-the-art streaming studio with attractive prices.

Interested parties can now benefit from a fully equipped, latest-generation streaming studio on the Messe Basel site. And, as a competent partner, the MCH Venues team is there to support you in holding webinars, training sessions and interactive panel discussions or recording important messages for your employees.

Messe Basel MCH Studio

Even though the latest developments are providing reason for optimism, it will doubtless be quite a while still until in-person meetings become the norm again. In the meantime, the streaming studio is available at particularly advantageous conditions. The rent for a full day is CHF 2850, while a half day costs only CHF 1700.

The Basel-Stadt Trade Association has already made use of this offer for its GVBS Small-Talk format, which it streams from Exhibition Square to the city and beyond. And the experience has been a highly positive one. “These talks are an exciting way of staying in touch with our stakeholders”, explains Nicole Strahm-Lavanchy, Head of Events. “And being able to rely on a professional setting is an enormous help to us.”