Green Team

The meeting industry can boast a certain pioneering spirit when it comes to sustainability, since this is a concern that has occupied it for a long time already. And demand for corresponding offers is continually increasing. By way of a response, Messe Basel has set up its Green Team. This is a team made up of committed members from the departments of Marketing & Sales, Project Management, Exhibition, Technology and Room Management.

Together, they are working to lead our locations and services into an even more environmentally-friendly future. At their meetings, which are held four times a year, they pinpoint the potential for improvement among our in-house and external partners and go on to implement the most promising ideas.

Are you interested in further sustainability topics?

Economic sustainability
Exhibitions, congresses and events bring enormous economic benefit to the region in which they are held

Environmental sustainability
Most of the energy used in operating the Messe Basel premises is renewable energy.

Social sustainability
We are committed to the fundamental values of our rule-of-law state.